Ohio Astronomical Places

When you think of famous astronomical places, Ohio probably isn’t very high on your list. Yet, there are a few lesser known but quite interesting sites in the Buckeye State that have made significant contributions to the science. One is the home of the late Leslie Peltier, author of Starlight Nights: The Adventures of a Star-Gazer, and the other is the Cincinnati Observatory.

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Building Portable Observatory Panels

Even under suburban skies I want to use my backyard for deep sky observing so avoiding stray light is important, and I do suffer neighbor lights. So I built a set of light-blocking portable observatory panels. Arranged in a semi-circle around my observing spot, they create a nice dark area, room for scope, chair, table, etc. and some protection from cold breezes in winter.

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Messier Marathon Observing Report

Here’s a report on the Messier Marathon that three of us attempted on the night of Friday, March 11, 2005, at Cactus Flats. The participants were Jim Adams, who is also a BASS member, Dr. Shane Rea, and myself (Mike Luckow). Also, Bill Travis was with us off and on until almost midnight, and he kindly helped us identify a few of the objects.

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