We watched the short movie Wanderers by Erick Wernquist at the December meeting. It is an artistic piece, not a science documentary, but all of the places depicted are based on real science. Many of the backgrounds are from science renderings from ESA and NASA. In my opinion it is exceptionally well done. Enjoy.

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Lunar Eclipse Early Wed Morning Oct 8th

A total lunar eclipse will be visible before dawn on Wednesday morning, October 8, 2014. The eclipsed Moon should take on a reddish or purple color as the majority of light on it will be that which is being refracted and diffracted by the Earth and our atmosphere. It is essentially a Moon illuminated by all of Earth’s sunsets and sunrises at on time.

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BASS Meeting – Saturday August 16th

The BASS Meeting, Saturday August 16th, will NOT be held Sommers-Bausch Observatory on the CU Boulder Campus. Ongoing maintenance work has our usual meeting space out of commission for the remainder of August. Instead, we will meet at the Hartung residence for a casual cookout of beers and brats and telescopes.

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