BASS Membership

Membership Information

General meetings of the Society are open to the public and are free of charge. Anyone may attend the presentations and they are also invited to join the members for viewing through the Sommers-Bausch Observatory telescopes after the meeting.

If you enjoy what you experience with BASS, or you just want to ensure that BASS continues to thrive, we encourage you to support the organization by becoming a member. Membership is for one calendar year. The following membership levels are available:

  • General or Family membership $20/yr ($10 for new members after June 30th)
  • Student membership $10/yr ($5 for new members after June 30th)
  • Contributing membership minimum $40/yr, the maximum is only limited by your generosity

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Benefits of Membership

(See BASS Bylaws 12-04-04 for details)

  1. Access to all BASS meetings, star parties, and special events.
  2. Membership in the Astronomical League, the national parent organization of amateur astronomers.
  3. A subscription to the Reflector magazine from the Astronomical League.
  4. The ability to participate in BASS and Astronomical League viewing and award programs.
  5. The right to participate in BASS leadership elections as a voter or a candidate.
  6. Discounts on subscriptions to Astronomy and Sky & Telescope if subscribed to or renewed through the Society, as provided by the publishers of those periodicals to astronomy clubs.

Organizations or individuals may also be recognized as Patrons of the Society when they contribute a minimum of $100 in funds or goods to Society (goods should be applicable to the Society’s mission).

Joining BASS

There are three ways to Join BASS:

  1. Come to a BASS meeting
  2. Fill out our online Membership Application and Mail in your check to the address below, or pay at the next meeting.
  3. Fill out the attached membership form and mail it with your check to:

    Boulder Astronomy & Space Society
    PO Box 17203
    Boulder CO 80308

    Please make checks payable to the “Boulder Astronomy & Space Society”.

The Society also provides a dues scholarship program for those in financial need. If you have passionate interest in astronomy and space sciences, but do not have the means to pay for membership, you may contact the President of the Society and request a dues scholarship. Dues scholarships may be approved at the discretion of the Executive Committee of the Society. Petitions for dues scholarship will be kept confidential within the Executive Committee and will not be published in any way. Always remember, even without a scholarship, our general meetings are free and open to the public.