BASS Meeting Saturday, October 21st, 7PM at SBO

When neutron stars collide, they make waves!

In the last month, gravitational wave detection has earned the Nobel Prize in physics, and the most recent detection has validated the significance of this scientific breakthrough. Just this week it was announced that on August 17th a gravitational wave event was detected by three sensors for the first time, allowing rough triangulation of the event in the sky. Telescopes at all wave lengths from the radio to the gamma-ray were alerted and on the hunt. They were spectacularly successful, capturing data and images for the merger of two neutron stars across the electromagnetic spectrum. We’ll look at the event data, hot off the press, and discuss the significance of this breakthrough detection.

Neutron star merger
Artist conception of merging neutron stars radiating gravitational waves. Image credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

Alert on parking at CU Boulder!

The University has made some changes to the classification of the parking lot near Sommer-Bausch Observatory. Lot 419 that we have used for many years is no longer free after 5pm. We recommend using lot 308. Lot 308 is just west of Fiske Planetarium, which is still free and unrestricted after 5pm. You can park on the eastern side of 308, including the rows near section 305 which is metered.