BASS Meeting Saturday, September 16th, 7PM at SBO

Remembrances of Cassini

In the classroom downstairs at the Sommers-Bausch Observatory (SBO) on the CU Boulder campus.

On Friday 9/15/2017, the Cassini spacecraft will make a controlled dive in the upper atmosphere of Saturn, ending an extraordinary mission of discovery around the ringed planet. We will look at some of Cassini’s accomplishments and many of its images. What was your favorite part of the Cassini mission?

Cassini entering the upper atmosphere of Saturn. Image credit: NASA/JPL

Alert on parking at CU Boulder!

The University has made some changes to the classification of the parking lot near Sommer-Bausch Observatory. Lot 419 that we have used for many years is no longer free after 5pm. We recommend using lot 308. Lot 308 is just west of Fiske Planetarium, which is still free and unrestricted after 5pm. You can park on the eastern side of 308, including the rows near section 305 which is metered.