CU Astronomy Day, Saturday April 15th

Astronomy Day

BASS will once again be a part of the CU Astronomy Day event at Sommers-Bausch Observatory and Fiske Planetarium. This event is free and open to the public. The hours are from noon-11PM. BASS members will be on hand with club and personal telescopes for observing the Sun during daylight hours, and the night sky after sunset. BASS will be on observing deck at SBO.

There will be free talks and shows at the planetarium all day, and lots of science focused kid’s activities during the day. SBO will be filled with active science demonstrations inside. The heliostat will be observing the Sun during the daylight hours, and BASS will have out several telescopes with solar filters. After dark, we will transition to observing the night sky with BASS and SBO telescopes.

If you have a telescope and want to share it with the public, or just want to hang out with us on the observing deck for a while, please stop by. This is always a big event, and if the weather is nice, it will turn out a very substantial crowd over the course of the day.

SBO observing deck public event. Image credit: Keith Gleason