BASS Meeting Saturday, March 18th, 7PM at SBO

Saturday, March 18th, 7PM at Sommer-Bausch Observatory (SBO), in the downstairs lab/classroom. The feature talk will be on the Messier catalog of objects, by Dr. Steven Hartung. One of the earliest catalogs of deep space objects, the Messier catalog contains some of the most beautiful nebulae, clusters and galaxies, all of which are accessible by an observer with an eyepiece.

Messier Catalog

The Messier Marathon

March is the time of year when a few dedicated soles will attempt to view all the objects in the catalog in a single night. The feat is known as the Messier Marathon, and it can only be attempted during the New Moon in early spring. By working across the sky from dusk to dawn it actually possible to view them all in a single session.

M20 and M21. Image credit NOAO
M51. Image credit AURA/NOAO/NSF

Observe With the New Telescopes

We will breeze the full catalog in a Messier Marathon sequence at presentations speeds, and then go up on the observing deck and use the new telescopes to looks for a few of the brighter messier objects available to us in the early evening.

New SBO deck scopes. Image by Gary Garzone

Parking near SBO (building 422 on the map), use lot sections 419 and 423, these lots are free after 5PM: