BASS Meeting Saturday, February 18th, 7PM at SBO

Saturday, February 18th, 7PM at Sommer-Bausch Observatory (SBO), in the downstairs lab/classroom. The feature talk will be on exoplanets, planets around other stars, by CU research and teaching professor, Dr. Zachory Berta-Thompson.


Professor “Z” describes himself as an “Exoplaneteer”. He is a researcher focused on finding and learning about planets outside our solar system, and trying to understand what we are seeing. In his own description of his research, “Our Solar System is kind of weird. We have no planets that are intermediate in size between the Earth and Neptune, yet the Universe seems to be teeming with such planets. The central goal of my research is to understand the structure, composition, and evolution of these small exoplanets.”

Please join us for the talk, followed by observing (weather permitting) with the brand new Sommers-Bausch Observatory telescopes.

BASS at SBO 01-2017
Time exposure with red-light painting at SBO 01-21-2017

Parking near SBO (building 422 on the map), use lot sections 419 and 423, these lots are free after 5PM: