BASS Meeting Saturday, August 20th, 7PM at SBO

Saturday, August 20th, 7PM at Sommer-Bausch Observatory (SBO), in the downstairs lab/classroom. The guest speaker will be Jacqueline Loerincs, from the Colorado School of Mines, on her experience at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile, observing T Tauri stars in Orion. T Tauri’s are very young stars in the early stages of their formation that are very dynamic, with lot’s of variability on human time scales.

Jacqueline is a student in Engineering Physics at the Colorado School of Mines. This winter she went to Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory as part of the 10 week long CTIO Research Experience program. While there she spent time working with the 4-meter and the 0.9 meter telescopes doing imaging and spectroscopy related to T-Tauri stars. She is the co-author of a paper on the subject (in prep) and will be making a presentation at the upcoming American Astronomical Society’s (AAS) winter meeting in Grapevine, Tx. in early January.

By C.R. O'Dell/Rice University; NASA
By C.R. O’Dell/Rice University; NASA
Her talk will dovetail well with Dr. Reipurth’s talk relating to early star formation and the Young Stellar Objects from the last meeting.
Observing will follow one the deck telescopes, weather and equipment availability permitting (campus is in full prep mode for the incoming class, so we will have to play this part according to the real-time situation).