BASS Meeting Saturday, May 21st, 7PM at SBO

We have reschedule Dr. Metlay from our previously announced April meeting, which was canceled to due a severe winter storm alert. She will be our speaker on Saturday May 21st, at the Sommers-Bausch Observatory on the CU Boulder campus.

The Five Moons of Pluto


Our featured speaker this month is Dr. Suzanne T. Metlay. We will meet in the classroom/lab downstairs in the Summers-Bausch Observatory (SBO) at 7pm. Parking is free in lot sections 419 and 423 (see map below).

Charon and the other moons of Pluto have been revealed by the New Horizons spacecraft to be fascinating worlds. Using the latest imagery from NASA, let’s explore the dark deposits of Mordor near Charon’s north pole, then take a look at the red crater on Nix. Styx and Kerberos have their own surprises too! Investigate the family of objects orbiting our solar system’s 1st known dwarf planet as professional geoscientists struggle to explain what we see and why it’s there. Let’s celebrate the success of the New Horizons mission as this well-engineered marvel continues on to its next encounter in the Kuiper Belt and let’s reflect on what we may yet learn.

Suzanne Metlay is full-time faculty in Geoscience Teacher Education at Western Governors University, a fully online non-profit university founded in 1997 by 19 governors of western states, including Colorado. Previously, Suzanne taught astronomy and geology at Front Range Community College in Longmont and Fort Collins, was Operations Director for Secure World Foundation in Superior, and served as Education Programs Manager at CU-Boulder’s Fiske Planetarium.

Suzanne has a BA in History and Science from Harvard University and a PhD in Geology and Planetary Science from the University of Pittsburgh. She was awarded the Antarctica Service Medal from the Department of the Navy and National Science Foundation for fieldwork conducted as a participant in the Antarctic Search for Meteorites (ANSMET) in 1991.

Parking near SBO (building 422 on the map), use lot sections 419 and 423: