Next Event: Wednesday, October 19th, 7PM at Fiske Planetarium. Prof. John Stocke will reveal what is known about the Antikythera mechanism, the oldest known analog computer, found in an ancient shipwreck near Greece. Join us for a full multi-media presentation in the planetarium.

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BASS Meeting Wednesday, October 19th, 7PM, Fiske Planetarium

Our guest speaker will be University of Colorado researcher and professor, Dr. John Stocke, an extragalactic observer who uses all manner of space-based and ground-based telescopes to study normal and active galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and intergalactic gas. Prof. Stocke also has a deep fascination with archaeoastronomy, the study of ...
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Starbugs to replace spectrograph drill plates in telescopes

At our August meeting I presented a short on some new tech in astronomy. The featured device was something called a Starbug, which is a piezoelectric driven small robot. They are called bugs because the piezoelectric locomotion makes a buzzing sound when in operation. It is being applied to a ...
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BASS Meeting Saturday, August 20th, 7PM at SBO

Saturday, August 20th, 7PM at Sommer-Bausch Observatory (SBO), in the downstairs lab/classroom. The guest speaker will be Jacqueline Loerincs, from the Colorado School of Mines, on her experience at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile, observing T Tauri stars in Orion. T Tauri's are very young stars in the ...
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BASS Meeting Friday, July 15th, 7PM at SBO

Our guest speaker will be University of Hawaii researcher and professor, Dr. Bo Reipurth. He will talk about the creation and evolution of multiple-star systems (binary and triple stars, think Tatooine). The telescope observing deck will be open for the standard Friday night open house after the meeting, weather permitting ...
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BASS Meeting Saturday, June 18th, 7PM at SBO

Flying a Satellite Our guest speaker will be David Wescott, a Software Engineer at Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics. He will be discussing his experience as a flight controller for the commissioning of the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission (MMS) spacecraft. After the talk, we will go up to the telescope ...
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BASS Meeting Saturday, May 21st, 7PM at SBO

We have reschedule Dr. Metlay from our previously announced April meeting, which was canceled to due a severe winter storm alert. She will be our speaker on Saturday May 21st, at the Sommers-Bausch Observatory on the CU Boulder campus. The Five Moons of Pluto Our featured speaker this month is ...
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