Next Event: Regular Meeting 21 November, 2015 Sommers-Bausch Observatory ( SBO ) 7:00 PM. Dr. Steve Hartung — “The Big Picture”, methods used in creating large mosaic images, such as those scanned by satellites orbiting  Earth, Mars, moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

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BASS Meeting this Saturday 21 November, 7PM at SBO, “The Big Picture”

BASS Meeting this Saturday 21st November, 7PM at Sommers-Bausch Observatory (SBO) on the CU Boulder campus. The feature talk will be “The Big Picture”. Some of you may be aware that BASS President Dr. Steve Hartung has taken a new position as a research scientist in a satellite imaging company. He ...
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Early Evening Lunar Eclipse Sunday 9/27/15

There is a lunar eclipse starting around sunset this evening. BASS has been asked to help with the expected large turnout at Fiske Planetarium on the CU Boulder campus. BASS will be on the open lawn and sidewalk area in front of the planetarium. I surveyed the site lines last ...
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BASS Meeting Saturday September 19th

Our guest speaker this month will be Dr. Dan Durda of the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). The talk will be on "High Impact Science", because sometimes to do science, you have to blow things up. Dr. Durda has spent many years studying various aspects of asteroids, including the dynamics of asteroid ...
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BASS Meeting Saturday August 15th

Steve Hartung will present information on the Rosetta-Philae at Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko ...
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BASS Meeting – Special Tuesday night New Horizons

BASS will shift the normal Saturday night meeting to Tuesday the 14th of July to follow the momentous flyby of the Pluto system. In conjunction with public events at Fiske auditorium (starting at 5PM, free and open to the public), BASS will meet in the usual location of the Sommers-Bausch ...
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BASS Meeting – Saturday June 20th

The featured talk will be on amateur spectroscopy. Just as CCD cameras have brought high quality digital imaging completely within reach of amateurs, newly available commercial instruments are beginning allow amateurs to take quality spectra. Spectra reveal the makeup of things, but can also be used to detect binary systems ...
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