Next Event: Saturday, January 20th, 7PM at Sommers-Bausch Observatory. In search of the rings of Beta Pictoris.


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BASS Meeting Saturday, January 20th, 7PM at SBO

Lord of the rings? β Pictoris was one of the first planets to be directly imaged. Interestingly, it appears that this planet's orbit is almost edge-on from our line of sight. The planet has an orbit similar to something between Jupiter and Saturn in our own system, with an orbital ...
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Holiday BASS Potluck, Saturday December 16, at the President’s Residence

We had a few requests to revive the BASS Holiday, Not Quite Solstice, Potluck Celebration. 6PM-10PM at the Hartung household. BASS members, please bring a dish, with enough for a shared grazing type of small plates. Drinks will be provided. If you need details on the address, please email Steve ...
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BASS Meeting Saturday, November 18th, 7PM at SBO

Interstellar While we detect particles whizzing into our neighborhood from unimaginable distances, we've never confirmed observationally that anything big has come in from interstellar space, until now. In the last two months an object first thought to be a comet has turned out to be a rock coming from somewhere ...
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BASS Meeting Saturday, October 21st, 7PM at SBO

When neutron stars collide, they make waves! In the last month, gravitational wave detection has earned the Nobel Prize in physics, and the most recent detection has validated the significance of this scientific breakthrough. Just this week it was announced that on August 17th a gravitational wave event was detected ...
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BASS Meeting Saturday, September 16th, 7PM at SBO

Remembrances of Cassini In the classroom downstairs at the Sommers-Bausch Observatory (SBO) on the CU Boulder campus. On Friday 9/15/2017, the Cassini spacecraft will make a controlled dive in the upper atmosphere of Saturn, ending an extraordinary mission of discovery around the ringed planet. We will look at some of ...
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BASS Meeting Saturday, July 15th, 7PM at SBO

Saturday, July 15th, 7PM at Sommers-Bausch Observatory. “Tabby’s Star: the curious case of an unusual variable system”. Everything from swarms of comets to alien mega-structures orbiting this star have been proposed. Think "Rendezvous With Rama" like structures; not likely, but the patterns in this stars behavior are so weird that ...
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